One response to “CNN – “Lyft cars get creative and a little weird.”

  1. Andrew:
    I found your blog and hopefully I’m not bursting your bubble here, but you are totally driving people around UNcovered by insurance when you drive for Lyft.

    I was considering it myself, as they are expanding into the Chicago market as I type this. I own a car in this expensive city and thought, “Great!” BUT, I am also an Insurance Broker and I was dubious of the claim that personal auto policies are adequate cover. Long and short is: they aren’t. Making money with your vehicle (“Public or Livery Conveyance” in your policy- it means: “Making money by using your car to deliver people or things”) is specifically EXcluded in coverage. That’s why commercial auto insurance policies exist. And the big secret is: even if you ARE somehow included in Lyft’s “$1M Excess policy”; it’s totally moot if your personal policy doesn’t respond first! (and it won’t) It’s just Lyft’s way of making everyone feel safer because they know that people are sheep and will believe whatever they tell them.

    Imagine: You are driving someone from A to B. You get T-boned. Not your fault, but now your passenger has been badly injured. Your insurance company will then investigate the accident and you will have to tell them that you were driving a Lyft passenger. They will deny coverage entirely, then the passenger will turn around and sue YOU for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, and now, you’re hiring lawyers and being sued for every penny you have, just because you wanted to make $10 for some beer money?

    So I called my insurer today for a different reason, (Progressive) and asked that Question: she said, “I’ve been told to refer people inquiring about driving for car sharing services to our commercial insurance division”. When I mentioned the sheer number of uninsured drivers, she then said, “Yeah- pizza delivery guys too!” Of course! At least then they’re only responsible for killing the $10 pizza next to them, not another human being.

    Do your own homework, and call your own insurance company for yourself. Avoid Lyft at all costs….

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